Sushiando Napoli: Thumbs up for Temaki e Uramaki

Sushiando Napoli: Pollice in su per Temaki e Uramaki di Misaki

Sushiando Napoli: Thumbs up for Temaki e Uramaki

Sushiando Napoli visiting Misaki says:

“I’ve been following Misaki Sushi on social media for months, constantly looking at the wonderful Uramaki that offers, I’ve been waiting for this day and this review for ages. Now I can finally express my opinion about this cosy Japanese restaurant of Pompeii.”

“I had a wonderful time at Misaki and I would definitely recommend it to all sushi lovers. The atmosphere is elegant, the food is well-cared for, the rice has a great aftertaste which can be easily combined with the white wine that the restaurant offers.

What really makes the difference between a great sushi and the wide range of all you can eat restaurants are the following details: neat food presentation, kind staff, the atmosphere, delicious ingredients and a rich menu, with special dishes created by the chef. Misaki has them all.

What else can I say? Well done and see you next time!”

Excerpt of the article written by Francesca La Banca of Sushiando about Misaki Sushi and Japanese Restaurant